NJ Boxer Club


    Initiation Fee is $15.00 per member application
    Dues are $ 20.00 per member payable by January 1st each year
    Initiation fee and first year's dues MUST be paid at the first meeting after the application is sent.

    After July 1st each year, dues are $10.00 plus the $15.00 initiation fee.

    Note: To download this form and submit at a NJ Boxer Club meeting click on the link below.
    Member Application Form Download

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  • The By-Laws of the New Jersey Boxer Club, Inc. state an applicant must;
    (1) Own at least 1 registered boxer;
    (2) Be sponsored by 2 members, not of the same address, unrelated to the applicant and to each other;
    (3) Be in good standing with the American Kennel Club
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