NJ Boxer Club

Meeting Schedule

The New Jersey Boxer Club, Inc.

November 15th, 2023
Board Meeting at 7pm - 7:30pm
General Meeting at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Via Zoom:
Agenda Items:
  • Nominating Committee to present the slate for 2024, and open to the membership for additional nominations
  • Standing Committee - please review the attached list of committees, you are invited to join for the 2024.
  • Dues for upcoming year
    • Club Revitalisation
      • ABC 2025 Futurity and Speciality judges NJBC vote o (see in the know for bios.. in alphabetical order below)
      • Specialty:
        • Terry Berrios
        • Beth Downey
        • David W Haddoc
        • Clay Haviland iv
        • Douglas Johnson
        • Louis Kruger
        • George Marquis
        • Vicki Seller-Cushman
      • Futurity
        • Annette Clark
        • Marianne "Tuni" Conti
        • Gail Kloecker
        • Dave MacMillan
        • Bruce Voran
        • Charlie Vose

Guests are ALWAYS Welcome!!!!!